Terms & Conditions for Redbeard Forest School Clubs, After School Clubs & Holiday Camps.



We can accept Visa debit and credit cards, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Amex, ChinaUnionPay, Jcb, Diners, Cartes Bancaires, Discover, Maestro, Apple pay and Paypal either online via www.redbeardforestschool.co.uk or payment via BACS when pre-agreed.  Please note, we do not accept cheque payments. 


Payment confirms your acceptance of the booking conditions. The named person on the booking confirmation accepts the booking conditions on behalf of all on the booking form. 



Alterations cannot be made to term time club bookings. For holiday camp bookings, alterations will only ever be made subject to availability and with a minimum of 7 full days’ notice before the day your child is due to attend. Redbeard Forest School reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £5 for this service. 


For bookings requested after the booking deadline for each club type has passed, places will only be offered subject to availability and reasonable notice.



It is not Redbeard Forest School policy to issue cash refunds for any cancellations. If a credit note is issued (see below), the credit note will only be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. 


HOLIDAY CAMP CANCELLATIONS (including child sickness):

We require at least 14 full days’ notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend to issue a 100% credit note. 

We require at least 7 to 13 full days’ notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend to issue a 50% credit note. If you cancel your sessions without giving us at least 7 full days’ notice before the day your child is due to attend, you will not receive any credit. 



We do not issue credit notes for club cancellations unless the cancellation request is due to child sickness/injury, which keeps the child away from the club for at least three consecutive sessions. Sickness/injury will need to be validated by a doctor's note. A credit note will be issued for the fourth and any subsequent sessions which are missed due to the child sickness/injury. 



Please ensure that children do not bring valuable toys and belongings when attending our clubs. Redbeard Forest School cannot be held responsible if they go missing. We cannot guarantee the return of lost property, but will endeavour to return items on request which we are able to identify. Parents will be required to pay the cost of any postage. Redbeard Forest School  will keep lost property for a period of four weeks only. If it is left unclaimed after this period has expired, Redbeard Forest School will distribute the lost property to local charities. 



From time to time we take photographs at our venues which may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. You will be asked to provide written consent (or not) for your child’s photographs to be used in this way before any photography takes place. You can change your consent setting at any time by emailing scott@redbeardforestschool.co.uk or calling 077531 331 226. 



In order to care for your child in the best possible way, and for their own safety and wellbeing, Redbeard Forest School requires parents to provide full information on any relevant medical conditions, allergies, additional needs and/or dietary restrictions. 


You will be asked to provide the relevant information when registering your child to your online account. Alternatively, when making bookings by telephone, our team will request this information from you. We require you to check and confirm the information we hold for your child during the bookings process. Any changes to circumstances can be made by emailing scott@redbeardforestschool.co.uk or calling 077531 331 226. 


Redbeard Forest School reserves the right to exclude children for whom full information (as described above) has not been provided, either from taking part in certain activities or (if felt necessary) from attending Redbeard Forest School clubs or camps altogether until full information has been provided. It is your responsibility to ensure we hold the correct information at all times and we reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time where there has been a failure to provide said information. No refund or credit will be issued in those circumstances. 



Redbeard Forest School reserves the right to charge a fee for late collection of any children. If a child is collected after the allocated collection time identified on booking, the parent/guardian will be subject to an immediate charge of £5.00 per child. An additional £5.00 will be charged for every half hour which passes, up until collection. If the parent/guardian is unable to pay the late fee at point of collection, it will automatically be added to the relevant account. 



Redbeard Forest School staff have a duty to respond if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse. In this event the relevant staff will follow the Safeguarding Children’s Policy as detailed in our policies and procedures. 



Redbeard Forest School ratio of staff to children normally exceeds all statutory requirements. The actual ratio varies between activities and age groups. Redbeard Forest School does not offer any higher staff ratio than 1:4, irrespective of any child’s additional needs unless specifically arranged and agreed prior to attendance. 


We always endeavour to group children within our advertised age groups, however due to a regulatory requirement to maintain staff to child ratios, depending on the actual ages of the children attending on the day, we reserve the right to change grouping  to those advertised. 



Redbeard Forest School does not accept liability for personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its servants. 



All children in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance 



Redbeard Forest School reserves the right to exclude/suspend or refuse a child without notice, if we consider that their presence compromises the good atmosphere of the club or camp. Transport home will be the responsibility of the parent and no refund/credit will be issued. 



Redbeard Forest School reserves the right to amend its services and activity programme, content, times, dates and venue in the event of unsuitable weather conditions, failure of equipment, building faults and any other operational faults that may arise from time to time, without refund or compensation to the customer. 



Copies of Redbeard Forest School policies and procedures can be sent to parents on request. 



If any Redbeard Forest School club or camp is forced to close due to the compulsory closure of its premises by order of a competent authority (e.g. School, Local Authority, Environmental Health Etc), due to bad weather (e.g. Snow, Ice, Flood etc), outbreak of a human infectious or contagious condition (e.g. Influenza, Meningitis, COVID-19), Industrial Action (teaching strike etc.) or for any other reason, customers will still be liable for any fees due/paid, during the entire period of closure. 



Redbeard Forest School is committed to providing high quality before, during, after school and holiday childcare and are always looking to improve our services. If you or your child are not entirely satisfied with the service we have provided, we would like to know about it. Any complaint should first be made to the session manager, who will complete a complaints report, and do everything possible to ensure the complaint is dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. If the complainant feels that the outcome of the complaint is insufficient, or would like to take the grievance further, the complaint should be made in writing and sent to scott@redbeardforestschool.co.uk.



Redbeard Forest School is committed to safeguarding your privacy; protecting the rights and freedoms of data subjects and safely and securely processing their data in accordance with all our legal obligations. Read our full Privacy Policy here.